If you know Fords you know that all of them have been known to be generally reliable when stock. But, once the performance tuning begins any truck can become an unreliable vehicle. The most notorious for this is probably the 6.4L Powerstroke, when built half-assed this truck will explode if you even just look at it funny. But, this twin turbo powerplant can be a beast when built correctly and money is not an issue. Faulty radiators and explosive transmissions that cannot handle the power leave these trucks stranded. Dustin owns a 6.4L Powerstroke and he realized he needed a more reliable power plant to daily drive and do the “dirty work” that needs to be done on a daily basis.

Dustin gave the daily driving opportunity to a Ram Laramie 2500 4x4. He knew that he could not lift his truck nor stretch any serious rubber with any high offset wheels due to the custom fifth wheel he tows on a near daily basis. Knowing that his previous wheels were American Forces, he opted for a color-matching set of wheels to match his current set of wheels on his 6.4L race truck. Both his trucks are black and both of them now rock 24karat Gold inspired American Force wheels.

The setup he chose for the Ram 2500 was a 24x12 Octane SS8 in a gold finish, each of the four wheels is wrapped in the infamous Nitto 420 light truck tire. His truck doesn't stop there as he boasts a wicked amount of tint throughout the whole truck. He has a twin layer of 5% tint throughout the whole truck and a 15% tint on the windshield. The truck is very private on the inside to say the least and doesn't reach any high temperatures when the heated Summer's come around.

This daily driver doesn't stop there. The truck recently got a Flo-Pro 5" exhaust, EFI Live and some custom tunes from Hardway Performance. He particularly uses the truck to not only tow his work goodies but to tow the usual race truck and personal builds and haul each build to shows and races. So when the racing nights get dark and the shows get dim Dustin has a couple tricks up his sleeve, particularly some Rigid fog-lights and numerous Gorilla rock lights throughout the under side of the truck. 

The rock lights light up under the truck and really help showcase his 24k gold inspired wheels. Since this truck is mostly stock, the little details like these count. He lastly color matched his Recon tail lights and his also his stock headlights. Dustin has purchased multiple sets of wheels from us over time and is a loyal customer. He truly puts our wheels to the test and sincerely loves our wheels. Glad to have Dustin apart of the team.

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