Out of the many employees here at American Force, only two were given the “Ok” for a serious SEMA build. One of them being Nick, with his 2015 Mustang GT and Albert’s Chevrolet 2500HD High Country. Both of them outstanding builds that represent American Force very well but today we turn our focuses towards Albert’s High Country. The stock, white Chevy is immediately transformed into one of the baddest builds at SEMA for 2015.

Albert decided to debut his truck with one of our latest and greatest sizes to hit the availability charts since the 24x14. Albert selected the all new 26x16 Multi-Piece Swift to debut at the show and to call on as his daily driver. Now, there is no tire setup that can properly support the all new 26x16. So, in an effort to run the all new size Albert chose the Tuff M/T tire for his new wheel and tire setup for SEMA 2015. A 37x13.50r26 technically cannot properly fit the wheel but of course, we had to make it happen. Albert took on the challenge to stretch his new tire to fit the all new 16 wide wheel for the show.

Albert’s Full Throttle Suspension, 12” rated lift kit was more than enough for the tire size he wanted to run. He decided to tune the suspension to be about 2” inches shorter than rated to better suit the setup and give it a little more of a proportional finish for the all the new show truck. All of his suspension and accessories were powder-coated orange to match the color scheme of the truck. Full Throttle was a great sponsor for the SEMA show being that they supplied us with one of the baddest suspension kits to hit the market for this truck.

Other sponsors were mixed in throughout the build, including AMP research steps for the truck, engine goodies like PPEI tuning and also a MBRP exhaust to help make that truck scream while rolling down the South Beach and Vegas Strip. Some scary loud horns were necessary to rid the awful Miami drivers out of Albert’s way, so before the show some insane train horns from Hornblasters were put into place under the bed of the truck.

Rigid Industries was fortunate enough to sponsor his truck for the show, displaying the power of the rock lights under the frame of the truck and on the grille of the truck. To keep his personal items from getting wet or wind damaged from the open array area in the bed, an UnderCover bed-cover was put into place to cover the bed-rug converted bed and all the tools or display wheels that Albert may hustle around.

All of his suspension and accessories were powder-coated orange to match the color scheme of the truck. Albert to this day continues to daily drive this beast of a truck. He loves his American Forces and we hope you do too.

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