So we have everything from Dually Wheels for your ever capable dually, to Muscle wheels for your most diverse sports car. Wheels marketed for the most extreme and custom vehicles in today's day age and wheels designed for daily driving/mild customers. Now the niche in the market we forgot about was those who really beat their toys up… The Jeepers. Just watch any video on YouTube. Google anything on off-road enticed Jeepers. What wheels are they running 99.99% of the time? A Beadlock wheel.

This design is focused to forcefully keep the tire glued onto the wheel and prevent any chance of the tire essentially sliding of the wheel when on an awkward descent down a hill or even off the edge of a rock. A 37x13.50r17 Nitto Trail Grappler supports both Robert’s daily driving usage and light off-road use, meaty tread but great for a smooth ride.

We saw the chance and took it. Why not make an all forged beadlock wheel for our dedicated weekend warriors and full time off-roaders? There is no negative answer. We decided to make Robert our Guinea pig for the experiment. His Jeep was built to his personal liking, being that he is our production manager here at American Force, we made it our mission to help make this removable four door truck the ultimate off-road ready beast to roll the streets of South Florida. Robert acquired the first set of American Force Beadlock wheels and immediately the daily driven vehicle was declared completed.

A 17x9 Beadlock wheel was the first wheel to be made in the all new line of wheels and is what Robert chose to sport on his daily driven Wrangler. The Jeep’s color is a blue, a strong blue. Each wheel showcases the custom choices of what any customer can select when building their own set of wheels, these beadlocks were chosen to be red and blue. A contradicting yet seamless choice of color for the new wheel was perfect to show off the all new product. As successful as the Evo SS and Dually design was it was near obvious to pass it on into the selection of the Beadlock series. 

The Fab-Fours front and rear bumpers provide the proper protection from any potential damage that can be encountered whether dealing with large boulders or youths texting and driving in Miami. The rear bumper also supports the entire spare tire with its enormous tire. LED lighting from BullDog LED lights up the trails and shadowy neighborhoods with a 12” double row bar on the hood and several LED cubes spread out all over the grille area of the bumper and surrounding the winch area of the forward bumper.

As for suspension, a Skyjacker suspension lift was used to lift the jeep properly for clearance of tires and awkward terrain. A multitude of King Shocks were spread apart in each corner of the Jeep, providing a comfortable and stable ride at all speeds on or off the road. Robert’s style of vehicle is a fine example of what we at American Force are targeting with our new line of all forged Beadlock of wheels.

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