When manufacturing a product that screams “Hey! Look at me!” you need something that follows something along those lines. So, in an effort to do so we decided to purchase two of some of the most common dually trucks on the market to date. One of them a Dodge Ram 3500 Laramie Longhorn.

This six tire monster features a peanut butter tanned leather that nearly looks edible and just whispers comfort into both ears, a ProComp lift kit, Nitto Trail Grappler tires and two different styles of wheels on both sides of the mammoth truck. This list is most definitely a solid amount of goodies into a “shop truck.” But, as said in the beginning of this note, we needed something to grab every eye that glimpsed upon the truck.

We decided that something along the lines of wrapping the whole truck was in order. Practically yelling at every viewer, the American Flag themed wrap, installed by The Sign Savers, yelled “Forged Strong Wheels” and “American Force Wheels.” There is almost no better way to represent a brand that sells wheels aimed at the truck, SUV and Jeep enthusiasts than to transform this Ram.

Besides the scrumptious interior, the truck was equipped with Rigid Industries lighting within the forward and rear one-off American Force bumpers. 22” American Force Super dually wheels were placed in each corner of the dually and all of them wrapped with Nitto Trail Grappler tires to smooth the running surface.

To clear the waist height wheels and tires a support package from Pro-Comp lifts was sent over to our factory to lift the truck a mere 6 inches in the air. Lastly, to get all those under 6’9 into the cab of the truck, some of the automatic steps from AMP research were necessary and installed under the truck.

Now if you read back, I said there was not one, but two different duallies purchased to represent the company around our sunny little hometown of Miami, Florida. Following the absolutely wicked Ram 3500, we also selected a brand new (at the time) Chevy 3500 Dually. It followed in the footsteps of the first truck we listed and received one-off Chevrolet style bumpers, forward and rear.

The Chevrolet 3500 LTZ received some love inside of the cab with some Roadwire leather interiors to also match the flag theme scheme of the truck. To cover the goodies in the bed, the truck was set up with an ARE bed cover that continued the ever flowing American Flag themed wrap. The 22” Super Dually wheels were in fact powder-coated to match the wrap as well as the Ram. Also some Nitto Trail Grapplers provide a rubber running surface for the forged strong wheels. The ARE bed cap, which covered display wheels within the truck was also wrapped as well as the Ram. A powder-coated suspension from McGaughy’s was necessary to lift the 1-ton dually into the air to correctly clear the monstrous 37x13.50r22 rubber grippers.

Both of these beasts accomplished their purposes of representing and advertising the company since their re-creations. The Chevy Dually rolled through many states and over 40,000 miles in it’s one year of commission and completing its task of visiting hundreds of our own dealers across the country. While the Ram only had the opportunity to represent Team American Force in Miami, it still did us well.

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