19.5 Direct Bolt-On

19.5 Direct Bolt-On - G17 Evo DBO
8 Lug


available in
  Size Offset Backspacing  
  20x8.25" 169mm 12.5"  
  22x8.25" 169mm 12.5"  
  22.5x8.25" 169mm 12.5"  
  24x8.25" 169mm 12.5"  
  26x8.25" 152mm 11.0"  
  28x8.25" 152mm 11.0"  

19.5 Direct Bolt-On

Dually Wheels Are In It For The Long Haul

American Force breaks new ground once again with the Concave Super Dually Series. NOW our customers can run concave single wheels on the front of their dual-rear- wheel trucks, for a matching concave look all around.

American Force Wheels

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