TS Series

BDU TS TS Series

American Force has always been at the forefront of innovation and pushing boundaries with our new products In 2013 we introduced the "Faceplates series" lasert cutting aluminum plates to enhance the design of our wheels and match the color scheme of the build. now we have raised the bar again with our new "tactical forces series" by adding a new dimension to opur plates. these new 3D inserts are made from a solid block of forged t6061 aerospace grade aluminum made in the USA and exclusively for our tactical force wheels precisely machine to match the design of the wheel the 5 step machining process is extremely demanding and cubersome, but the finished wheel is well worth the extra effort with these new tactical force series, you can dominate the street!

FP Series

Syzr FP5 FP Series

Introducing the FP Series Line up, the ultimate custom wheels ever developed. This forged aluminum wheel comes with 3 unfinished aluminum plates that customers can paint, powder coat, hydro-dip, airbrush or wrap to suit their specific taste, allowing for a level of customization never before possible.

SS Series

Zero SS8 SS Series

They say a person’s vehicle is a direct reflection of themselves, what better way to extend your personality and tastes than a custom set of Super Single? Direct bolt on forged wheels for your vehicle, ranging from 20” to 26”, anyone can show off their truck or SUV no matter if it’s stock, leveled, lifted or even lowered...polished or powder-coated, we can do it all.

SF Series

Cage SF8 SF Series

Our customers take great pride in their American Force forged aluminum custom built wheels. The Special Forces Edition was created for the folks WHO WANT SOMETHING DIFFERENT. POWDER COATED WITH MACHINED WINDOWS & A POLISHED LIP IS THE SIGNATURE PROCESS FOR SPECIAL FORCE SERIES AND NOW we offer them in a multitude of finishes. From our new translucent colors to precious metals & solids, finding the perfect match to your vehicle is easy.

MP Series

Gamble MP6 MP Series

Wide wheels set the tone for any build. take your wheels to the next level with our mp series. Our multi-piece wheels are built for trucks in mind with 11mm thick walls, 30 arp stainless steel m10 bolts, keeping both forged halves tightly together. Every component of our multi-piece wheel can be custom finished for ideal color customization. Whether you opt for polished or customized powder coated finish, know you’ll be riding on forged two piece wheels specifically for your truck.

E Series

Neo ES E Series

One may ask, “How does an already custom wheel company go further into personalization?” Simple. An engraved wheel. From an effortless sketching to the most extravagant of designs. This signature, is the difference between ordinary and extraordinary and can be customized to almost any color spec.

BL Series

Dune BL5 BL Series

The Beadlock Series are designed & built specifically for off-road racing, short course & rock crawling. Providing the same high quality expected from all American Force wheels, these purpose built wheels are ready for any and all terrain you can throw at them. They are available in multiple powder coating options.

UTV Series

Saga UTV4 UTV Series

The fiercest WHEELS to ever tackle rugged environments in your ultimate terrain vehicle are the Direct Bolt-On UTV Series Wheels from American Force. These custom forged strong wheels are tough and ready to be put through the most punishing terrain that your vehicle can take. The 4 Lug pattern bolts directly onto your UTV and is available to fully customize to your choosing. With a full lineup of designs to choose from, your UTV can now match your truck’s wheels. The strongest UTV wheels you can choose, only from American Force.

19.5 Beast

19.5 Beast 19.5 Beast

American Force Custom built forged aluminum direct bolt-on wheels are in for the long haul. The Beast Super Single SS8 is the perfect fit for either your SRW Truck and or Trailer. Protect and perfect your truck, trailer, and tires with the 19.5" direct bolt on wheels. You can expect an extended commercial tire life, increased tow and load capacities - 6600 lbs. load capacity per wheel, 3/4 ton SRW Truck, and custom trailer fitments assure the perfect fit.